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Do you need chimney sweep services in the greater DMV area? At Air Duct and Beyond, we offer residential and commercial property owners premium chimney sweep solutions at great prices to get your home or business in the best shape possible. Our team can get to you quickly with the tools and experience to add years to your property and improve your chimney performance. We are the leading chimney, vent, and duct maintenance team in the region, and are confident we have the right solutions to keep your property safe and working the way you expect. Quality chimney sweeping takes training and specialized equipment. We’ve invested a great deal of time and resources into making our teams the best-equipped and most well-trained in the area. We can get to you fast after you call and get your chimney in incredible condition. Experience the difference that professional chimney sweep services can make with the help of certified technicians from Air Duct and Beyond.

The Benefits of Chimney Sweep Services

Thousands of properties in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. enjoy the benefits of working chimneys. It’s hard to be warming up to a fire on a cold day. It’s a great way to bring friends and family together. Luxury hotels, retailers, and other business establishments also use fires to create an inviting atmosphere for guests and partners. While enjoying a live fire is a wonderful experience, property owners need to ensure that the proper conditions are in place to keep things safe for people and the property. With professional chimney sweeping, you can have the confidence knowing your chimney is clear of any potential hazards and that fire can be used responsibly. Here are some of the benefits of chimney sweeping:

Ensure Proper Air Flow

When debris is allowed to build up to a great extent inside your chimney, it can affect the airflow inside. As a result, smoke can be pushed back into the home or commercial property. This negatively impacts indoor air quality and people’s ability to enjoy the fireplace.

Eliminate Strong Odors

No one wants to smell the residue of hundreds or even thousands of previous fires. Clean chimneys handle odors better, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the scent of your wood without the overpowering stench of soot and other debris inside your chimney.

Avoid Chimney Fires

Every year, homes and other properties in the DMV are damaged by chimney fires because too much soot and other residue were allowed to build up along the chimney walls. A certified chimney sweep can scrub your chimney walls free of flammable materials to reduce the threat of fires and keep your property safer.

Preserve Your Chimney System

A working chimney in good condition is a wonderful asset in any property. Homebuyers love the idea of a usable chimney. Keeping your chimney clean is the best way to keep your chimney in better condition for longer and reduce the potential for costly repairs or remodels down the road. Handling maintenance on a regular schedule is likely to save you money long-term and even make you more money when it comes time to sell your property.

High-Quality Solutions

We are a local business attuned to the needs of our clients. When you call, someone picks up the phone. There are no long hold times or vague appointment windows. You get the service and results you expect. We can usually get someone out to you the same day that you call to inspect your air duct and clean it in one visit. Not only will we clean your air duct, but we will also suggest to you things that can be done to extend the lifespan of your HVAC and keep it working better for longer.

All of this is done at affordable prices and on your schedule. Our team works around the clock to avoid disruption to your normal routine. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fireplace Cleaning

When the weather is muggy and humid, and a low-pressure system has come into the area, smelly fireplaces are commonly occurring. Since there is not as much temperature difference between the interior and outside air as in the winter, these issues typically arise in the late fall and early spring.
Here are a few solutions to this issue:

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your chimney.
  • Try to reverse the pressure pouring down the chimney by using the windows in your house. The windows closest to the direction of the wind are the ideal ones to use. Because of the pressure they are under; basement windows are also advantageous. You should give the window a quarter-inch crack and wait a few hours to see if it changes anything. Try various Windows until you discover the one that performs the best. In essence, you are bringing in fresh air while releasing pressure in your house.

The warmer months of the year, when you are less likely to be using your fireplace, are the ideal time to clean and maintain it. People who use their gas fireplaces from fall through spring are encouraged to arrange at least one professional cleaning and inspection each year. If you only use your fireplace irregularly throughout the year, you need to have it cleaned and inspected once every two years.

The fireplace and chimney need to be kept clean to prevent poisoning risks, protect against fire risks, and reduce air pollution. To remove soot and any obstructions from the length of the flue, chimney sweeping entails manually cleaning the interior of the vent and the fireplace. Manual chimney sweeping repeatedly runs a metal or nylon brush through the duct to remove all buildup.

It is prohibited to clean ventilation systems with fire or explosive substances. The installation engineer or certified chimney sweeps must perform the sweeping and inspections, and both must submit a certificate attesting to completing the work. In the event of an accident, many insurance companies need that kind of certificate. We have highly significant doubts about chemical flue cleaning, or so-called vacuum sweeping. With prior manual cleaning, an industrial vacuum cleaner can effectively clean a flue. These techniques don’t produce an official certificate and shouldn’t be used in place of chimney sweeping. The landlords of rental homes make sure that the flues in apartment buildings are clean when the tenants move in. After that, it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the property properly.

The smell comes from creosote buildup in the chimney, which happens naturally when you burn wood. Most of the time, the smell is worse in the summer when it’s humid and the air conditioner is on. A good sweep will help, but it will only sometimes solve the whole problem. Commercial chimney deodorizers work pretty well, and many people find that baking soda or even kitty litter works well when put in the fireplace. The real problem is that air is going down the chimney, which is a sign of pressure issues in the house as a whole. Some extra air must be brought in from somewhere else in the house. A top-mounted damper with a tight seal will also cut down on this air flow coming down the chimney.

We take our time when cleaning the chimney because we want to offer a thorough cleaning service. The duration of those visits varies because many of our chimney cleanings also include time for a top to bottom, inside, and exterior level one inspection. Usually, a single chimney cleaning job may be completed in an hour.

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